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FOALS - our new arrivals !

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What you get when you buy from Poplargrove Stud

We are a small boutique stud. This is not just a caption - but a reality.

ALL our foals are well handled, lead, are regularly wormed & have their feet trimmed and come to you as such; prepared for their new homes.

When you apply to us about one of our donkeys, be it a baby or a mature animal; we will send you complete photos of them on lead showing their full conformation. And we will give you our honest critique of their conformation temperament etc.

We do not want one off sales - we want repeat buyers who love their animals as much as we do; and who know that they can trust us.

We intentionally only have a small number of stock - so we ensure our animals have daily interaction, and that we have the time for each animal to meet our high standards of animal husbandry and training.

Simple really ?

As a buyer parting with your money, you should expect the same complete package from any stud. Worming regimes, vaccinations, registration [ not an extra ] and a full set of photos of the animals showing their conformation ON lead.

After all, if one is going to breed and call oneself a 'stud'; then the buyer should expect a high level of commitment to each and every animal.

We welcome inspections - we want you to come and see our stunning foals. Their wonderful cuddly temperaments, and that of their parents ie. The sire and dam whose genetics imparted that temperament and conformation.


Star shape2014 FOALS

Well, l can only say we have been blessed with this years foals... we are truly so grateful for good births, and; healthy foals & dams. As a breeder that's what it's all about. The conformation, temperament, color and magnificence of these foals is what comes with years of research, planned matings and genetic selection.

We call it great breeding !


FOALS- under construction.
New software is doing my head in! Look at the gaps in the posts -grrrr.

 Poplargrove Pocketful Of Posies ...

Poplargrove_Pocketful_Of_Posies_head_RHS_photo_ 2014Poplargrove_Pocketful_Of_Posies_head_LHS_photo_ 2014


Photos taken at 3 days old

Poplargrove_Pocketful_Of_Posies_micro_donkey_filly_foal_photo_ 2014

Poplargrove_Pocketful_Of_Posies_looking_back_photo_ 2014

Posie's first day out @ 3 days old

Poplargrove_Pocketful_Of_Posies_standing_photo_ 2014



 Poplargrove Just a Bit Classy aka Classy.

Poplargrove_Gunna_B_Famous_ dark_spotted_jack_foal_RHS_ProfilePoplargrove_Gunna_B_Famous_ dark_spotted_jack_foal_LHS_Profile

Photos 19hrs old !

above :You can see black spots on Classy's right eyebrow and below his eye patch...

Poplargrove_Gunna_B_Famous_ dark_spotted_mini_donkey_foal_LHS_photoB

'Classy's' first morning - 19 hrs old..[ meeting the cats ]

Poplargrove_Gunna_B_Famous_ dark_spotted_jack_foal_sniffing_A_Russian_Blue_cat_photo

Playing 'Ring, A-Ring-a-Rosie'

Poplargrove_Gunna_B_Famous_ dark_spotted_Miniature_Donkey_foal_playing_with_cats_photo



 Poplargrove Picture Perfect ...



All Photos taken at less than 1day old !

'Picture Perfects' first day out - less than 24 hrs old


Ice Skating...




 Poplargrove Simply Ador A Bell ...aka Addie



Photography Andy Hearn

Fire photo with the words 'This girl is on fire'.

All Photos taken at just 12 hours old !