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Remember for ... 'Miniature Donkeys For sale' our stud is located locally in Melbourne.

Easy access for interstate travel & only about an hour out of Melbourne just off the M1.

Great for local pick-up !

All our donkeys we guarantee are ohh so friendly, no catching - they walk to you ... Imprinted at birth, vaccinated, registered and ready to cuddle you. Just look at these gorgeous foals...


........... ..........FOR SALE -

Don't forget to check out our foals page ...

for the latest babies. They are selling before they hit the 'for sale' page !

For_Sale_picture_poplargrove_stud_mini_donkeys Stud foals due soon !


Email us to be put on our contact list....

& JUST ASK - it may not be listed on our for sale page yet !

We do not pre-sell foals as we do not know what mother nature will surprise us with. We may keep the foal ourselves as a future brood Jenny or Jack and we will not disappoint a potential buyer. Prices depend on size, breeding and gender of the foal.

Email now for pricing !

We offer full ongoing stud support for our clients.

We geld any jack foal under 100% American Mediterranean Miniature [AMMD ]

What to look for when buying. What is conformation ?

Conformation of an animal is it's physical attributes NOT coloring of the coat, nose or eyes.

quote NMDA ie. The National Miniature Donkey Association in America..

Whether an animal is being evaluated for purposes of the show ring or breeding on the farm, coat color or pattern should be considered "invisible" as a selection factor and subordinate to characteristics of conformation.

See here for The Breed Standard ie. a full list of things to look for in your donkeys conformation...

Our donkeys have been selected primarily for their conformation then breeding. Color being the added bonus !


More foals due soon - so keep an eye out !

lf you're looking to start the best time of your life...

OR increase the genetics of your herd

with these adorable little donkeys AND... You can offer a great home with devoted husbandry


Check out our Foals page for this years babies... You just never know what we have been talked out of !


For all your Mediterranean Miniature Donkey enquiries email us &

Please check back regularly

Quality Foals and stock often available for sale !

Contact Us

Andrea & Peter

................ .We reserve the right to withdraw a sale at anytime, to ensure we are letting our babies go to a serious, loving home.. We require a 20% non refundable deposit on all purchases.

Packages &/or offers are valid for 14 days from date of email offer. lf a deposit is not received with 14 days, the offer is no longer valid - we cannot hold animals indefinitely for you. We want homes who have fully considered all aspects of donkey welfare and who are committed to their donkeys.