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 Sunny G's Pebbles [imp USA]


Pebbles as a yearling - Sporting her winter woollies and gorgeous BLACK spots...

You can see her sires impeccable breeding in this girl.

WORLD CHAMPION & USA Multi NATIONAL CHAMPIONS breeding shining through.


Pebbles as a 2 yr old - Again sporting her winter woollies [ bleached legs from last year] and gorgeous BLACK spots - you can see them on her stomach now with the loss of her long fluffy foal coat. She is still very silky soft & fluffy coated. Pocket [ her sire ] of course throws woolies!

Pebbles is NLP

Quote Leah ADMS "his lips and muzzle are dark *where there are not white markings*. He also has a very noticeable dark spot on his belly. If he had light points, the dark spot would not be visible, the white points would over-ride the dark".

29.75" Black Spot Jennet NLP
DOB 22/2/12
ADMS/MDR #63608
Microchip ID#on file

Sire: Stockmarket's Pocket Change [imp USA] 28.75" Black
.........Grand Sire: Itsy Bitsy Burro Co Jet Pilot Black USA NATIONAL CHAMPION

G/Grand Sire: Itsy Bitsy Burro Co. LN Boson 31.5" Black USA NATIONAL CHAMPION
...........Grand Dam: Stock Market's Cash Victory [USA] 29.75" Dark Brown

G/Grand Sire: Stock Market's Cash Dividend, Dark Brown 31.75" WORLD CHAMPION

Dam: Sunny G's Peaches [USA] 29 ¾" Gray Spot
............Grand Sire: Heiken's Ark Ranger Gray-Dun 30" (G/G/S H/A Top Gun 29')
............Grand Dam: Gardner's Sweet Pea 32" Gray & White Spot 31"

Click HERE to see Pebble's complete pedigree!

Well, it took me years of nagging Dorie at Sunny G's to finally buy Stockmarket's Pocket Change [imp USA] , and boy what an outstanding decision that was. The most accoladed micro jack in Australia, followed by our own Hill Country Min's American Idol [imp USA] . Pockets foals are testament to his impeccable breeding.

So how long did it take to buy this stunning own daughter of Pockets with BLACK SPOTS !!! hmm let me think .............. A HEARTBEAT !

Knowing Sunny G's taste in donkeys, l knew this girl would be fantastic...

l bought Pebbles as a foal and then had the heartbreaking decision to board her over in America until she was old enough to bring out. Which of course leads me straight back to my dear friend Dayle Haworth of Half Ass Acres mini donkeys in the USA.

Dayle so graciously homed and loved Pebbles for me like she was her own - what a friend..

Words cannot express my gratitude to both Dayle for growing Pebbles on for me, and to Dorie for allowing me to purchase this fabulous jennet and of course her sire - Stockmarket's Pocket Change [imp USA] .

How do we say in words how magnificent this girl is... What's a synonym for 'rapture' to describe Pebbles? l can't think of it...

BUT...............l've said it before and l'll say it again...

A picture tells a thousand words - just look at her !

Then look deeply at her BREEDING

This girl is priceless !

Breeding only gets better at Poplargrove Stud ...

Our supreme thanks and forever friendship to Dayle Haworth at Half Ass Acres

Also credit to Dayle for Pebbles top photo.


 Hills Haven Suki [imp USA]



Suki - November 2013. You can see all those world famous genetics in this girl.

Wow - what a hip ? She is a tank and will match sweetly to our boys ! Beautiful balance of color with the body to match.

Still in winter woolies... but oh so stunning !

29.75" Black & V. Dark Brown Spot Jenny
DOB 26/09/2010
ADMS/MDR #62050
Microchip ID#on file

Sire: Sunset Acres Sir Prize [USA] 31½" Black NLP
.........Grand Sire: Circle C Black Russian 31" Black NLP
...........Grand Dam: Sunset Acres Zelda 32" Black NLP

Dam: Parkside Black Eyed Susan [USA] 31¾" Brown/Gray Spot
............Grand Sire: GP Bullet 30" Gray-Dun (G/G/S GP Oscar 26.5")
............Grand Dam: Windcrest Classy 32" Gray Dun

Click HERE to see Suki's complete pedigree!

Well, where do l start. My friend, Dayle At Half Ass Acres mini donkeys in the USA, emails me from 'The Great American Miniature Donkey Sale 2012' (click on link & scroll down to high sellers). One of the most prestigious mini donkey auctions in the USA.

Dayle tells me how stunning this filly is. So l know, l trust Dayle's expertise and l know without a doubt; that this lady knows her breeding, conformation and ANYTHING anyone should ever know, to do with 'Miniature Donkeys'.

OMG !!! Dayle sends me photos.

Hills_Haven_Suki_High_Seller_Great_American_Sale_2012_At_Poplargrove_Stud_ ProfileHills_Haven_Suki_High_Seller_Great_American_Sale_2012

l see the most delightful gorgeous filly... My heart patters HARD...

Suki is almost black in the picks Dayle sent me, and look at her kind eyes and pretty face

and YES !!! Dayle REALLY knows her donkeys AND l know this fillies breeding !

'Buy her' l said....What a jenny to have in my herd !

The rest as they say in the Classics - Is History !!

So here we are ... Poplargrove Stud has 'THE' High Point Seller of

The Great American Miniature Donkey Sale 2012 - here in Australia !

Does it get any better ?? l think not !

The top photo is just after Suki arrived at Dayle's as a yearling. Below that - as a rising 2 yr old mid winter. Look at her filled out and so stunning. Her conformation is outstanding [but with her breeding - what else ? ]

In America : CIRCLE C BLACK RUSSIAN is the foundation sire of so many accomplished black jacks

GP OSCAR is one of the leading micro breeding foundation sires

& SUNSET ACRES ZELDA is a major producer of so very many accomplished donkeys in the USA.

A jennet to behold. G/Dam of HHAA Black n Bruise, Dam of Sunset Acres Russian Ricardo to name a few. The genetics in Suki ... and her temperament - 'ohh such a sweetie !'.

Then we finally get to her color ... Again... OMG !! She is a breath taker. Everyone who visits our stud is awestruck at her balanced almost black coat pattern and how she stands out in the paddock...

She is gorgeous...

l know..... we are so honored to have these magnificent donkeys in our pastures

Our supreme thanks and forever friendship to Dayle Haworth at Half Ass Acres

Also credit to Dayle for the top photo.

We're in raptures with this filly !


 Emerald Ridge Piper [imp USA]



29.75" NLP Silver Gray Wooly Jennet
DOB 30/09/00
ADMS/MDR #31700
Microchip ID#on file

Sire: Emerald Ridge Ricco [USA] 31½" Gray-Dun
.........Grand Sire: Rainbow's Nubbin, 31¾" Gray-Dun
...........Grand Dam: GP Sandra, 31½" Gray-Dun

Dam: Emerald Ridge Twiggy [USA] 31¾" Gray-Dun
............Grand Sire: Cobra's Arthur III, 28 " Gray-Dun
............Grand Dam: DMF Vanna, 32" Gray-Dun

Click HERE to see Piper's complete pedigree!

We had been searching for a Special Micro gray NLP jenny to enhance and bring out the genetics we have in our jacks. Piper has thrilled us with her beautiful looks and persona. She is just a wonderful addition to our herd. We hit the the jackpot as she is also a WOOLY!!

A Micro, NLP and a Wooly ! A Teeny bit of Donkey Jennet Heaven...


Did l say "Teenie".. ohh well there's another little parcel of bliss.

Piper's daughter " HHAA Pipin' Hot ValenTeenie " .

l watched my tiny "Teenie" filly being born, so very exciting. Then, as it was Valentines Day - Dayle and l came up with her super name!! lt suits her to a tee!!

The stud where Piper was born, Emerald Ridge Donkeys; specialise in woollies. Pipers photos above have her mane, her ears & the top of the tail clipped out for quarantine tests. And the poor dear left the USA mid a super hot drought stricken 40C + summer - and came to our flooded mid winter, without most of her WOOLY PJ's !

Many Woollies do not retain their long coat after their first one or two years of age - Piper is 12 yrs old and still gets her long wooly coat !

Idol carries Wooly lines & has a cascading mane. Of course, Poplargrove Tiny Teddy is an extreme Wooly ! These girls will be a tremendous addition to our genetic program. Piper is a truly lovely natured girl who has drop dead gorgeous foals & she has the most glorious Silver Long Shaggy Coat. Her Light Silver Color is really breath taking. Such a pretty unique color.

Top photo courtesy of Dayle Haworth @ Half Ass Acres

We're smitten by this Jenny !


 HHAA Pipin' Hot Valenteenie [imp USA]

 HHAA_Pipin_Hot_Valenteenie_Heikens_Ark_Napoleon_Filly_foal_at_Poplargrove _stud_photoTeenieFeb17th2012Action1w

photos - 3 days old


Dark Steel Gray Jennet w/NLP
DOB 2/14/12 @ 3:38am
Birth Height: 19 ¾" ~ Birth Weight: 20.5 lbs.
ADMS/MDR # 62360
Microchip ID# on file

Sire: Heiken's Ark Napoleon [USA] 31.5" Dark Tri-Colored Spot ........w/NLP
.......Grand Sire: Heiken's Ark Dandy, 30¼" Dark Spotted
..........Grand Dam: LN Nigeria, Grulla Brown/Gray w/NLP

Dam: Emerald Ridge Piper [imp USA] 29.75" Gray-Dun, NLP Wooly
............Grand Sire: Emerald Ridge Ricco, 31½" Gray-Dun
............Grand Dam: Emerald Ridge Twiggy, 31¾" Gray-Dun

Click HERE to see Teenie's complete pedigree!

Well, what can we say about Teenie ? A picture says a thousand words.. Just look at her !!

We watched her being born - and totally fell in love with her! Her mother is very special and Teenie is the icing on the cake ! A bonus to the equation... But what a bonus ?

Little Miss Teenie has more front than Myers... She's all over you like a rash. Super inquisitive and ohh so friendly... Great color, genetics. Another Napoleon daughter !! WOW ... She is super fluffy and time will tell if she's a wooly. At the moment she does look to be going that way - she does carry those wooly genes. Her coat is much thicker and as time has gone on, is longer than normal foal coats. Definitely a wooly carrier.

Her little ear flopping over at birth makes her look so adorable - like a bunny... Of Course her ear is standing up now, it was a day or so after birth. But she's sooooooo cute...

Photos courtesy of Dayle Haworth @ Half Ass Acres

A real sweetie and madam

She KNOWS how cute she is !


 Flight of Fancy Cotton Candy [imp USA]



29.5" Light Red (Pink) & White Spotted Frosted Jennet
DOB 27/7/08 @ 11:16 p.m.
Birth Height: 20" ~ Birth Weight: 28 lbs.
Height on 10/31/11: 29½"
ADMS/MDR #54409 ~ ACOSA #SA2622
Microchip ID#on file

Sire: Windcrest Firefly [USA] 30½" Dark Red
.........Grand Sire: MGF Fiftyfire, 31½" Dark Red
...........Grand Dam: Windcrest Pinkee, 32" Red

Dam: Flight of Fancy Seventh Heaven [USA] 32¼" Brown & ..........White Spotted
............Grand Sire: My World Winston, 31½" Light Red
............Grand Dam: Windcrest Double Delight, 32" Dk Brown & White Spotted

Click HERE to see Cotton Candy's complete pedigree!

Candy is our red and white spotted jennet, you can see her red spots in her winter coat. She is a genetic goldmine ! Specifically selected for her outstanding conformation with the added bonus of spectacular genetics. l adore reds and dark spots. Red is recessive to black. So put to our Idol - Candy can produce solid reds, red spotted's, frosted's, solid black OR black and white spotted's.

What a gem ! So many colors to look forward to - but any color will be a bonus to her exceptional conformation in a tiny package. She will be a great match for either Pocket, Idol or Teddy Bear. A breeders dream jennet !

Quote Dayle's review of this outstanding jenny....

Sired by our own red herd sire, Firefly, and out of a spotted grand daughter of My World Winston, we just had to add this unique jennet to our future brood jennet band. Candy is small and stocky, a hard-to-get combination, with an adorable small head. Photos above were taken on 26/9/10, one day after she was body clipped. Her height @ 29.5" was recorded Dec 2011 @ 3 1/2 yrs old ! She hasn't changed height for a year now...

Photos courtesy of Dayle Haworth @ Half Ass Acres

l love this Jenny !


 HHAA Ma Bell [imp USA]



31.25" Brown Jennet
DOB 23/09/04 ~ 12:40pm
Birth Height: 21.25"
ADMS/MDR #40055
Microchip ID#on file

Sire: PGF Peppercorn Jack [USA] 30.5" Brown
........Grand Sire: My World Buster, 30¼" Sorrel
..........Grand Dam: Pine Grove Farm's Rhubarb, 31½" Gray-Dun

Dam: Gladybrooke Glorianna [USA] 31" Very Dark Brown
............Grand Sire: Gladybrooke Skip, 29" Dark Brown
............Grand Dam: Heighmah's Chloe, 32" Gray-Dun

Click HERE to see Ma Bell's complete pedigree!

Quote Dayle's review of this gorgeous jenny....

Bell was born one day before my retirement from 34 years of service with BellSouth Telecommunications Company. We named Bell in honor of this long awaited day. This is Glorianna's fourth foal and her fourth jennet in a row! Bell is a full sister to Bedazzled who was purchased by Nissen's Lazy N Ranch in The 2004 Great American Donkey Sale in Ohio and who we just recently purchased back. She is also a full sister to Hey Sailor, and a half sister to Paper Tyger, both of who we have retained in our herd. Bell has a beautiful tiny head and she is very stocky and stout.

Bell was sold as a weanling and we purchased her when her previous owner went out of the donkey business. We have always regretted letting her go and we were so glad to have the opportunity to add her back to our herd. Ma Bell has been hand bred to Napoleon for a foal due 10/27/11. Bell has had one foal for her previous owner but we do not know the details other than she was a jennet.

Bell had the last foal of our season on 24/10/11, a gorgeous spotted jennet, Bells 'n' Whistles!

Obviously, we are hoping Bell takes after her mother and has ALL fillies!! Although - can you imagine a dark spotted jack foal out of her ? She's one hunk of a jennet Ohh laa laa !

Update ...2013.. MaBell has a beautiful NLP v.v.dark brown or black shaggy filly... 'Missy'. Another filly ..

Photos courtesy of Dayle Haworth @ Half Ass Acres


 HHAA Bells 'N' Whistles [imp USA]


Below : Whistles just shy of a yearling...... Winning Reserve Grand Champion Jenny

- The Royal Geelong Show 2012

HHAA_Bells_N_Whistles_ imp_USA_Popalrgrove_Stud_Spotted_Filly_Reserve_Grand_Champion_Jenny_Blue_writing

Photo : Courtesy of Julie Jones - JF Miniature Donkeys {USA}

Proud owners of Heikens Ark Napoleon : Whistles sire

Dark Spotted Jennet intermediate NLP
DOB 24/10/11 @ 7:45pm
Birth Height: 20.75" ~ Birth Weight: 21.6 lbs.
ADMS/MDR # 62152
Microchip ID# pending

Sire: Heiken's Ark Napoleon [USA] 31.5" Dark Tri-Colored Spot ........w/NLP
.......Grand Sire: Heiken's Ark Dandy, 30¼" Dark Spotted
..........Grand Dam: LN Nigeria, Grulla Brown/Gray w/NLP

Dam: HHAA Ma Bell [imp USA] 31.5" Brown
............Grand Sire: PGF Peppercorn Jack, 30½" Brown
............Grand Dam: Gladybrooke Glorianna, 31" Very Dark Brown

Click HERE to see Whistle's complete pedigree!

We are so thrilled to have this VERY special girl come as a part of our future brood mare band. A Napoleon's OWN daughter - and what a daughter......

We watched her being born live on web cam !

UPDATE :::: Whistles has exceeded our expectations - EVERYONE adores this girl. Whistles is as loving as she is pretty AND well conformed. She's a jewel !

Her spots are sooo dark & look at those halos around her gorgeous spots !

Quote Dayle's review of this special filly....

What a way to end our 2011 foaling season! Ma Bell & Napoleon produced the most gorgeous dark spotted jennet you have ever laid your eyes on. She has dark eyeliner around both eyes, 50/50 dark to light spot pattern that is very symmetrical on both sides, and what a tiny girl too! This little girl has a perfect bite, very stocky and a head to die for. Just a very, very special little girl!

Photos courtesy of Dayle Haworth @ Half Ass Acres


 N & D’s LoneStar Cowboy Kisses [imp USA]




28.5" Brown/Gray Spot CURLY Jennet
Birth Height: 19 "
ADMS/MDR #58679
Microchip ID#on file

Sire: Arrow Creek Cowboy [USA] 28 " Gray & White Spotted
........Grand Sire: Kostas Arrow Creek 31.5" Gray & White spot
..........Grand Dam: B&J Little Jubilee 31" Gray Dun

Dam: N&D's Lonestar Lorna [USA] 31.75' Dark Brown
............Grand Sire: GP Oscar's Lonestar Luke Gray & White Spotted 29 "
............Grand Dam: Arrow Creek Miss Liz Dark Brown & White Spotted 32"

Click HERE to see Kisses complete pedigree!

Kisses is not only one of our smallest micro jennies - SHE IS THE SMALLEST !


And............. She is the FIRST EVER IMPORTED MICRO SPOTTED JENNY into Australia !

Her breeding is full of Micros and famous foundation Mediterranean Miniature donkey bloodlines.

Put that together we the fact we have imported 4 micro jacks !

"Viola" you have a top herd..

We are not leaving our breeding program up to chance ...

Don't tell the rest, but she's my favorite !

She is a teeny compact girl, with the tiniest pretty head - black eyeliner both eyes that have a definite 'Cleopatra Depth and Beauty'. She is the best Ambassador - people adore her wherever she goes. She is so loving, tiny and friendly to one and all. Most people of course think she's one of the foals...

Kisses has longer than normal hair and it's got lovely BIG curls in winter. We are so excited about her and little Night Hawk's foals to come over the years ! Both micros - fully imported, ohh so tiny... and ohhh so friendly !


Kisses first foal is our own Micro Extreme Wooly Jack

Poplargrove Tiny Teddy

Kisses' Sire 'Cowboy' is still in the USA with Nancy & Dalton - and will stay there for a very long time to come, given he is a sought after leading sire of micros in the USA !

Bottom Photo courtesy of Nancy Clark @ N&D's LoneStar Mini TexAsses


 Chateau's Country Classic S.C. [imp N.Z.]

2009 Reserve Champion Miniature Donkey Youngstock N.Z.


Above : In her winning NZ titles as a foal

Below Left: with her first jack foal. ............Below right: 5 months Pregnant - How stunning is this jenny - Classic epitomises Great Show Breeding !


31.5" Brown Jennet
DOB 31/10/08
Birth Height: xx "
ADMS/MDR #56838
Microchip ID#on file

Sire: Country Music's Spade Cooley [imp USA] 31.5" Dark Brown
........Grand Sire: Country Music's George Jones 30" Dk Brown
..........Grand Dam: Country Music's Loretta Lyn 33" Dk Brown

Dam: Country Music's Billy Jo Spears [imp USA] 31.5" Dark Brown
............Grand Sire: Country Music's Garth Brooks 30" Dk Brown
............Grand Dam: Country Music's Pam Ivey - Brown/Gray Dun

Click HERE to see Classic's complete pedigree!

Maisie was kind enough to show 'Classic' prior to her leaving New Zealand. As Maisie says ............. " l don't like to see them leave here without ribbons", and in this case a Rosette as well.

Classic won her weanling class [red = 1st in NZ] and then went on to win Reserve Champion Miniature Donkey Youngstock 2009 [rosette] under an American judge. Her mum... 'Billy Jo Spears' took out Grand Champion of the entire show. These photos are taken in Victoria, Australia - but they're all hers!

She is a gorgeous girl, loving and ohh so pretty ..... We are really looking forward to her babes given - her depth of breeding & show accolades under an international judge; and of course .... her parents incredible success in the USA !

You will be going a long way to see a prettier jenny. This girl's head melts hearts ! Imagine her foals to Pocket.. OMG ! Pretty to Pretty.. l have to admit tough.... . l LOVE a pretty head.. Mr girls are so pretty - l had someone just the other day, comment "They never knew donkeys could be so pretty ! " ..... Well, mine are !!!